Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy week...

So, I have VERY limited time with the computer, since we don't own one. I get to use Kevin's work computer, when he's home...and not working on his dissertation. This week, I've gotten online every morning from 6:30-7am. I frantically scan my emails and head over to facebook. I must say, my house is much cleaner thanks to my limited computer use. Tonight, I"m on only because he's outside mowing.

Lots of ups and downs this week. Avery is doing well. McKenna is doing ok. Presley is fine. Kevin is 98% done with his dissertation. Lots of editing, then meeting with committee. I dream of what life will be like when he's not writing night after night. I know he wants to get done just as much as I want him to get done, so I try not to complain. The end is near.

I start teaching at Friends U. tomorrow. Just my 2 classes, voice class and vocal literature. I teach voice performance next week. I'm done with my syllabi, just need to look at it before tomorrow and figure out what I'm going to say. Guess I'll be working tonight, too.

Go to Kevin's blog for first day pix and the lowdown.

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