Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little House

In the spring, Avery studied about Laura Ingalls Wilder in History. We've watched several episodes of Little House on the Prairie, and even watched the Pilot episode. My friend, Sally, let us borrow the 1st season on dvd, so we've watched 9 episodes in the last 3 days. Man, life was hard back then. I don't think I'd make a very good pioneer wife. McKenna has asked to have her hair in braids for 2 days now. She also asked for ribbons and then noticed that Laura wasn't wearing ribbons in an episode and quickly took them out. Too cute! I was curious to read up on the history and the actors and found this on a website. This is a list of rules for teachers during this time period.Click on the document to enlarge. So... I wouldn't make a good teacher back then. Notice there are no rules dealing with actual teaching practice, philosophy, methods, etc. hmmm

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm still planning my menus for the week, just haven't posted in awhile. I had the best shopping at Dillons today. My total before coupons and Kroger card was $90.57, after coupons it was $41.28! I was sooooo excited! I got 4 tubes of toothpaste and 2 toothbrushes absolutely free after coupons. Then I went to Aldi and spent the most I've ever spent there, around $70. Whatever...Here's what we're eating this week-

Monday-spaghetti, salad, garlic bread
Tuesday-Homemade Gourmet Asian pork loin, veggies and rice. Unless we get an invite to go to the Zoo, then it will most likely be McDonalds. Zoo night with friends trumps eating at home :)
Wednesday-Brisket tacos, chips and homemade gourmet maria's salsa, black beans and rice
Thursday-Kevin's grandma turns 96 on Thursday. I don't know what the plans are, but I didn't plan on a meal at home this night.
Friday-breakfast for supper-ham, egg, and cheese casserole, fruit smoothies

Breakfasts-cereal, yogurt, waffles, muffins, smoothies, repeat...

Lunches-leftovers, sandwiches, chef salad, pizza rolls, etc...

Presley is eating more regular food, and is NOT liking baby food anymore. Feeding her is not very fun. She loves yogurt, dry cereal, cheese, blueberries, and bananas. She doesn't like veggies, which she used to love. I can barely get her to eat half a jar a day, where as a few weeks ago, she'd eat 2 jars of veggies, no problem. Any hints on how to get her to eat more veggies?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer books and movies

Avery and McKenna signed up for our library summer reading program. They each pledged to read 40 books over the summer. Avery only has 5 more books to read before she reaches her goal. McKenna needs 6 more, I read the books to her, so she's a little behind, my fault. Since we go to the library weekly, I've been reading some, too. Here's my list.
I need to add some pedagogy books to the list, but haven't found the motivation. I also need to work on syllabi and figure out what I'm teaching this fall. Well, I know I'm teaching voice, voice class, and vocal literature, but I don't exactly know what I'm teaching each week. It will be here before I know it. I need to get in gear. sigh.

Avery and Kenna have been with my parents both last week and this week, and Kevin is busy writing, so I've been watching movies after Presley goes to sleep.
  • Revolutionary Road-I love Kate Winslet, mainly b/c I loved Titanic, so I had high hopes for this movie. I was severely disappointed.
  • He's Just Not That into You-ok-not great, by any means. Why is infidelity so popular these days?
  • Hancock-good movie
  • Dan in Real Life-GREAT movie-everyone should watch this. I loved it. I laughed so hard in some parts.
  • Pineapple express-I can't believe I'm admitting this. My SIL said she watched it, so I thought it wouldn't be bad. It was SOOOOO bad. Lots of language. Stupid movie. Big waste of 2 hours. Horrible. Should have been working on a syllabus instead of watching this movie.
What's next? I still want to see the Reader, b/c I still like Kate Winslet. Otherwise, I don't know. Any suggestions?

Pray for Kate

I have been praying for Kate McRae for over 2 weeks now. This precious little girl and her family are being attacked and it's time for us to act on her behalf. I believe in spiritual warfare. I believe that Satan knows what a powerful family the McRae's are. I believe that God has big plans for Kate's dad, Aaron. He's a pastor and has a heart for ministry. I also know that in my dad's first 5 years of ministry, both of his daughters had major health problems. My sister was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 8, requiring 3 shots a day and countless blood sugar tests along with a major diet change, and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was 17. Unfortunately, I never put 2 and 2 together until a few years ago during a conversation with my husband about Satan's attacks on those in ministry. Yesterday, I found out that Kate's little brother, Will, has a growth on his vocal cord that will also require surgery. They don't think it's cancer, but, still, quite a shock for a family already going thru the worst right now.

  • Pray that the tumor that is still in Kate's brain will disappear. That there is no other trace of cancer in her body.
  • Pray that the chemo she will take will not affect her hearing or kidneys.
  • Pray for her spirits as she is stuck in a hospital and isn't able to enjoy the summer. or fall.
  • Pray for her mom and dad.
  • Pray for Will, that his surgery would be successful and that his recovery is quick. And that the doctors won't have to cut his vocal cords or that his voice won't be affected by the surgery.
  • Pray for Olivia, Kate and Will's oldest sister.
  • Pray that God would use Kate's family in a mighty way, by bringing complete healing and restoration to their bodies on this earth, so they can be living, breathing, testamonies to God's grace and mercy.
  • Pray God's will to be done. And give God the glory when it is.
The battle is on. Pray.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still here

I can't believe summer is half-way over.
  • we've been fighting summer colds for the last 2 weeks. Lots of kleenex with lotion and yucky cough syrup. I'm tired of being sick and feeling blah. Not sick enough to stay in bed, but not really feeling like doing much of anything.
  • we've had 2 friends move in the last week. Brandi and her family moved to St. Louis over the weekend. Since then, McKenna has asked to play with her daughter, Anya 6 times. And our good neighbor friends, the Surmeiers, moved to a bigger house. Sigh.
  • I must be getting older, b/c I'm finding I don't like change as much as I used to.
  • I'm starting to panic about Avery's wardrobe for the school year. I went to her school's website last night to look at the dress code requirements and realized she doesn't own one thing on the list. We have some shopping to do...She starts 1st grade in 5 weeks. Agh!
  • Avery and McKenna went to Abilene for a few days. Kevin is working hard on his dissertation, and I'm taking care of Presley. I got a few books from the library and watched a movie last night after Press was asleep. Man, Revolutionary Road is such a depressing movie. Seriously, I can't believe people liked it. Is this really what other couples go thru? I also just finished reading Confessions from an honest wife. It was a good book. It made me appreciate my marriage and upbringing so much more. I love Kevin with my whole being. He completes me, silly as that sounds. He's my best friend. We are in a crazy season of life right now, with his work, his dissertation, the kids in their growth stages and all. We often talk about going away together, a second honeymoon of sorts. Then, we remember that we pay for things with cash now. another sigh. For now, we'll just look forward to the next date night, whenever that will be. And be grateful for grandparents who watch our kids.
  • In the last 5 weeks, we've known of 4 leaders/pastors in various churches that have been involved in extra-marital affairs. 3 of the people we didn't know, except that I followed their blogs and/or went to conferences at their church so I felt like I at least knew of them. Yesterday, I found out about one in our own church. I'm so disappointed. I don't know this person well, but I just can't believe that people choose to cross "that" line. I can't believe people don't have enough self-control. I can't believe people think they won't get caught. I'm just so annoyed, disappointed and mad at the same time. No wonder non-believers are so critical of the church. Are we really no different than the rest of the world?
  • I've prayed alot for this little girl this week. I can't imagine. I feel much the same as Kevin posted earlier this week. She looks so much like McKenna, it's frightening. I've thought alot about her mom this week. Since I first learned about Kate, I've fixed maybe 30 some meals for my family, I've done 10+ loads of laundry, I've taken the girls swimming twice and I've nursed Presley 42 times. Kate's mom hasn't been able to do the most mundane chores of motherhood this week. Instead, she's been stuck in a hospital, dealing with doctors and nurses, eating crappy cafeteria food, crying her eyes out, hoping someone else can take care of the other 2 kids, wondering why this is happening to her little girl. I wonder if they had 4th of July plans, or if they had plans to vacation this summer? Now, everything is changed. Please pray for the McRae family. Pray for a miracle in Kate's healing. Pray for Kate's family.
  • I'm counting my many blessings today. I have a great husband, I have 3 healthy, beautiful girls, I have a dog who thinks I rock. I have a home, a mini-van, food in the fridge, clothes in the closet, air-conditioning. I have a Maker who knows my every thought and loves me still. I have family, friends and neighbors. I am so thankful for today.