Sunday, August 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Still planning menus at the Osborn abode. Went over budget these last two weeks, and we didn't even eat out. Whatever, here's what will be on the table this week.

tonight-the best enchiladas ever! I always make 2 batches and freeze one. corn and black beans, queso and chips

Monday-tilapia, broccoli rice casserole, peaches

Tuesday-Homemade Gourmet chipotle chicken and noodles, corn, jello

Wednesday-celebrating Kevin's birthday (one day early), probably at Pei Wei, maybe at PF Chang, NOT at Carlos O Kellys

Thursday-frozen pizza, hopefully I'll have time to cook it first-2 meetings at 2 different schools, busy night. And Kevin's birthday!

Friday-Breakfast for supper-waffle night

Saturday-Friends U. party at Eberly Farms.

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Lissasings said...

Definitely going to use that recipe, Michelle! Sounds yummy! Hope things are going well for you.