Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Little Man

Caleb James is the other man in my life. I love him so much, words just can't describe. Kevin will always be my #1 love, but this boy comes close to stealing that spot.
He is 4 months old. He smiles all of the time. When he decides that he wants to talk, this boy can talk up a storm! Jibber jabber at the top of his lungs. His sisters are in love with him, too. Presley wants to hold him all of the time. She is such a mommy's helper, always getting his paci and diapers for him. He started sleeping in his crib in his own room last week. Very bittersweet, especially knowing he's the last baby for Osborn abode (did you hear that? the LAST one!) We moved the pack-n-play out of our room over the weekend. Sigh. He's still on a semi-strict 3 hour schedule and he's the perfect babywise baby, like all of my kids were. He loves his swing and bouncy seat, as well as just laying on the floor. I love seeing his face light up when his daddy comes home. People tell me almost everyday at school, how cute he is. I am so blessed to be his mama! Caleb's name means bold, courageous. He'll need that, growing up with his sisters.

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