Monday, April 19, 2010

Lazy Monday

We are all still sick-I took Presley to dr. on Thursday and she was diagnosed with a common cold. A COMMON COLD. I've had a sore throat, severe at times, for 8 days now. I want to go to a dr. but I'm afraid she'll say the same thing, and I'll have wasted money for nothing. I'm so tired of being sick. Even more so, I'm tired of my kids being sick. Presley is doing much better, though. Avery isn't so bad, and McKenna has good days and bad days. Kevin started coughing again this morning. ARGGGH-make it go away!
So, the girls and I are watching Movie Time Monday on Disney-Jungle Book 2. Actually, the girls are watching and I'm messing around on the computer. Looking for appliances and furniture for our new house. Shopping with 3 kids isn't fun. I've tried to do most of the research online, before we load up the kids for yet another adventure in search of washers and dryers. I think I know what we want, with the exception of mattresses. Man, mattresses can get so expensive! Kevin and I have no clue what to look for, but we always seem to like the ones with the biggest price tag. Anyhoo, it's fun and exhausting at the same time.
Church was incredible yesterday! It was the first Sunday in the new building. I must say, I felt a little guilty being so excited, even emotional, since we've only been going to RLC for a few months. The church is 9 years old, and this is there first permanent home. But, this church has been the best thing about moving to CA, many weeks, it's been the only good thing about being here. The girls love this church and Kevin and I can't wait to get involved in a life group as soon as we move.
So, today is a lazy day for Osbornabode. Watch a movie, rest, try to feel better, repeat...

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget, the girls are ALWAYS welcome at our home....Lily would love it! -Amy