Monday, April 19, 2010


Here is a link with more info about Real Life Church and their first building. If you scroll down to the end of the post, click on the link for the pix, then look through the pictures, you'll see Avery in pic #53, singing, I think. Her new BFF is one over from her, in the same dress :)

I can't remember if I gave the history of how we got to RLC. Back when Kevin and I lived in KY, I taught music at an elementary school. One of the teachers there, Lorrie, was a friend of mine, and her husband, Rusty, was a pastor at Southland Christian church in Lexington. We both had our first kids, daughters, during the same year. Not long after, they followed God's call to move to Valencia, Ca, and have been at RLC ever since. Ok-fast forward 6 years...when Kevin and I were thinking about moving to CA, I looked up Lorrie, via Facebook and we were able to reconnect. Fast forward another few months...after moving to Pasadena and trying to find a home, our realtor suggested that we look at Valencia. I immediately contacted Lorrie about visiting RLC and finding a home there. We attended RLC the first Sunday in December and new we had found our church home. I am so thankful God planned for us to be in this church. It has been a bright spot during this transition from Ks to Cali and an answer to our prayer for a great family church to call home!

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