Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New season for BLT

Our church has a great women's ministry. One of the big things they do is a weekly bible study on Tuesdays, both morning and evenings. It's called BLT, Bringing Ladies Together and/or Bible Led Teaching. I signed up for the morning session and I chose the study, The Search for Significance by McGee. My good friend, Klondy, is teaching it and I'm so excited! Our first session today went well. There are about 15 in our group, and I was blown away by the opening conversations. We had to introduce ourselves, tell everyone about what's going on in our lives, etc... My biggest issue right now revolves around my husbands dissertation, it doesn't even really concern me. The lady right next to me shared that in the last year, she got divorced and lost her job. She is currently on disability and is struggling. My heart broke as woman after woman shared what their going thru and dealing with. My biggest struggle today was knowing I was making something for supper that Avery wouldn't like and trying to decide if I should make her eat it or cave and let her have cereal instead. I know...shallow. Today totally put things in perspective for me. Thanks, God. I'm really looking forward to Tuesday mornings!

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