Wednesday, September 9, 2009

High/Low of school so far

So, we're 3 weeks into the school year for Avery. Some days, I'm so glad she is going to McCollom. I love spending more alone time with McKenna, and doing activities that maybe Avery would frown at. I also miss her terribly some days.

High-Avery brought home a note today saying that she will be going to a different class during reading time every day. She's reading on a second grade level. I'm so proud of her! I knew she was smart, but it was nice that her new teacher knows now, too.

Low-The girls were so close last year and even this summer. I thought they would love being together these last few days over the long weekend. They ended up fighting most of their waking moments. I'm sad about that. I hope that's not the new norm.

High-Avery has made some new friends, which she needed desperately.

Low-As her mom, I feel like I'm doing more work now than I did last year, when I homeschooled her. Last year, we were usually done with school by 2 or so in the afternoon. Sometimes, we'd read a book again for Dad/Kevin, or play a game we played earlier in the day. But, for the most part, school was over. Now, Avery gets home around 4:30pm. Then, she has homework. Then, she has to read and record books in her reading log. Then, I have to sign her daily color chart. Then, we have to plan ahead and figure out if I need to fix her lunch in the morning and what clothes she will wear. The list goes on. I don't like that part about public school. At all. She is in school more of her waking hours than she is at home. I don't like that part either.

High-I can't think of another one.

Low-I've seen some attitude problems come up recently that I haven't seen before. Hopefully, this is a phase. It seems she also has a shorter temper than she used to.

So, that's where we are right now. McKenna started preschool last week and absolutely loves it. She goes 2 afternoons a week. She's such a social butterfly, she is going to have a great year! Her high is recess (of course) and her low is not being able to eat lunch there. Oh, to have the "problems" of a 4 year-old!

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