Saturday, September 26, 2009

She's One!

Presley Faith turns 1 today. I'm so happy and so sad at the same time. It's a weird feeling. I want her to progress and grow. I just don't want her to progress and grow.

  • She knows and can say several words-mama, da, shoes, bath, purse, uh-oh, dog, ball, nigh nigh, juice, bye bye and shhh.

  • She loves to wave at people and blow kisses. Her smile melts my heart. She's a smart girl and feisty, too.

  • She will hear me turn on the faucet in the bath tub and make a run (or really quick crawl) into the bathroom and try to climb in the tub.

  • She hates getting her diaper changed and will only lay still if I give her a book to read.

  • She loves books-right now her favorite is Peek a Who and Moo Bah la la la.

  • She loves her sisters dearly. Her face lights up when Avery gets home from school. She squeals with glee when McKenna sings to her.

  • She loves food-pretty much any kind of food. Except peas. She hates peas.

  • She loves her blankie-she takes it everywhere.

  • She's the best baby in the whole world. I don't know how I got the blessing of being her mom, but I'm forever grateful. I love her with my whole being and pray she grows to love Jesus and others the way He created her to.
Sorry, no pix to show. We have a fun day planned at Friends U. homecoming parade, block party and game. Hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera and actually take some pictures.


Marla said...

Ok, I changed her diaper last week and she was so good for me! I couldn't believe how still she was because I kept thinking that Reese was way harder to change when she was 12 mo.

Gerri said...

I also had no trouble changing her diaper on Friday. Didn't even realize you were having trouble changing it. I do remember how hard Reese was to change at that time.