Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good and Bad

One good thing about SoCal is that the McDonalds here have cherry pies. They're still baked, not the good fried kind you used to get. But, I love cherry pie from McDonalds.
One, of many, bad things about SoCal is that McDonalds is the only place that has a drive thru. Banks don't have them, Walgreens doesn't have them, Ralphs pharmacy doesn't have them. Instead, you have to find a place to park, pay to park wherever you parked, then get all 3 kids out and go inside. Not much fun. Or convenient.
I just don't get why people like it here so much. Maybe they've never been to Wichita... ;-)

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Marla said...

Oh, what I would give to eat one of those cherry pies! I love them too, but they only have the apple here in KS!