Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Warning-these are very random-
  • One (and only one) perk of living in the ghetto (a term used by others who live here) of Pasadena is that it takes us about 15 minutes to walk to Target. We've walked there 3 times, so far. It was our P.E. for today. This Target is 2 story and I can never remember where things are there. It's always packed and it's NOT a super Target, which I'm reminded of every time I go there. I scored my first deal for 2010-$1 for 2 64 oz bottles of Juicy Juice. I made up for that deal by spending $4 on Coke.
  • Pretty much every night is family night at our house. We're always together, always doing something. Tonight, I had planned to center the night around KU basketball. The girls wanted chili dogs for supper (why I had to buy Coke, you can't have a chili dog with water, yuck) Well, we can't find a channel that will cover the game, so Avery asked to watch Shrek instead. So, we'll do dog and ogre night tonight. Maybe throw a little Wii in the mix.
  • My i-phone has saved my life during this move-I don't know what I'd do without it. I text my dear friends Rachel and Sally at least weekly, and my sister and mom daily. I love taking pictures with it. And, I've actually read the bible every day this month (shocking-lol) I also just got a home budget app that I'm actually looking forward to using.
  • The "free" computer we got from Cava is the slowest computer on the planet. I only use it to print coupons. And that's because the "free" printer we got isn't wireless, so it won't sync with the best computer ever, my (our) mac.
  • When Avery began homeschooling again, we had to basically start at the beginning of 1st grade curriculum. So, we spent the week before Christmas taking a ton of assessments and trying to figure out where Avery fits into the flow of studies. So far, we're 50% thru the 1st grade and she's complaining about how easy everything is. So, here's the dilemma. Do we move forward and go ahead and just finish 1st, and move on to 2nd grade now (she could probably do this by Feb) or, do we take it easy and not put a huge priority on school right now and let her go at the "normal" first grade pace. Back in Wichita, Avery went to 2nd grade for both Reading and Math. She's never been tested for giftedness, and I don't think she is (what do I know), but she is extremely smart and learning comes easy for her. The neighborhood where we are looking for homes has an excellent school system, so we plan to enroll her there next fall. I just want the rest of 1st grade to be good for her and I want her to continue to thrive in school. I don't want her to be bored and for things to be too easy for her.
  • It's hot here-I know those of you reading this in Ks are rolling your eyes. It's just weird. I've planned to eat some soups this week and bought the stuff to make potato soup, chicken enchilada soup, and chili-but it never sounds good because it's so warm out.
  • When we do actually get a home, and Kevin starts commuting, we'll need a 2nd vehicle. So, do we go hybrid or not?
  • Spending 20 minutes at the park on any given day tells me why -on the application for Kevin's position here, they asked that he speak Korean. He doesn't, but, I'm sure it would have been helpful. And I can see why they would ask that...
  • My wedding ring is too big. I need to have it sized down. Of course, my fingers will probably swell soon, but it's always turning or falling off. Maybe I just need a new ring...
  • I can't believe I'm going to be a mom of 4 kids. I'm not old enough. My first trimester, I didn't really have any sickness or anything. I was in such shock and denial and with so much stuff going on, I tried not to think about it. Now, my clothes aren't fitting, I'm hungry, and I'm starting to feel pregnant. When he/she comes, we'll have had 4 kids in 4 different towns, in 3 different states. And, we're done-seriously. Done.

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