Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain rain go away

Aside from a quick trip to the store for milk, the girls and I have been in our apartment since Sunday after church. Can you say Cabin fever? I'm about to go crazy in here. It has rained pretty much non stop since Sunday afternoon. Lots and lots of rain. For those of you who care, we are not in any danger of mudslides. We live 3 miles south of the mountains. Just in danger of going mad :) People here treat rain like I've heard Texans treat ice. They don't know how to drive in it and, thus, many wrecks and lots of chaos.

I've been trying very hard to think of things I like about living here. Trying is the key word-I must say, I'm starting to like having a gas stove-top. I've always heard that real cooks have gas stove-tops, and I can see why. Although, out of 4 burners, I only have 2 that work, 1 of those works consistently. Anyhoo, another thing I like is our church. I'm growing to really like it. This is the first church, ever, that all 3 girls like. They go to their classes with no fussing or complaints. That's huge for us. Avery and McKenna have memory verses and Avery uses those verses and other things she's learned as part of her handwriting each day. We haven't gotten into a small group yet or anything. Mostly, we're waiting to see where our home will be so we can get into a group in the neighborhood.

Ok-so there are 2 things I like about here. I can't think of any others right now. Except for what we have planned for Avery and McKenna's birthdays coming up-

McKenna's b-day is next Monday, we'll be in Wichita next week b/c of my cousin's wedding, so we'll get to celebrate with the extended family. We're planning a family party on Saturday, though. Kevin made reservations to the American Girl Bistro for supper Saturday night, complete with birthday cake! The girls don't know about it, though. Kevin only told them we were going to Beverly Hills(which is where the AG store is) and they are so excited about that-crazy...The Wednesday after we get back from Ks is Avery's b-day. Wonder what we'll do then...

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Brandi said...

Hey Michelle. I think I can somewhat relate to you and your big move. When we moved to D.C. right after we got married, it was a big shock. It took me a long time to get used to being the minority, how crowded it was, and how dirty & old it was! It was a rough transition for us, but it got better after I learned to accept it, good or bad. I know it will get better for you soon too!! Hang in there and go to the library or something. :)