Monday, March 15, 2010

The search continues...and Menu Plan Monday

After a break from house hunting, Kevin and I are finally ready to start up the home search again. There are some more standard sales on the market, so hopefully we'll find a home before blue comes. Oh, I hope so. I just can't imagine having a baby in this apartment. I also went to Crate and Barrel for the first time over the weekend, and now, I can't wait to shop! Wow, that store is amazing! I could go there everyday and just look for ideas. It's my new favorite store.
Made my 3rd trip to Trader Joes this weekend. Going without a list was a huge mistake, and blow to our budget. But, I snagged 2 things that will be regular purchases from now on, if not weekly purchases-pomegranate seeds and kettle popcorn. OM Goodness, both were so good!
Here's our menu for the week-
  • Chef salad-Avery fixed the meal last night. All. By. Herself! She was so excited...
  • Hamburgers, homemade fries, salad
  • pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans
  • Homemade pizza, fruit and veggies
  • Slow cooker chicken, potatoes and carrots, salad, Hawaiian bread
  • Chipotle?

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