Tuesday, May 11, 2010

June 22, 2010

That's the day our son will be born. That's the plan right now anyway. However, nothing in the last 6 months has gone according to plan, so we'll see. I had an ob appointment yesterday, he said the head is down, but hasn't dropped yet. He started looking at his calendar and gave me 2 dates. I chose June 22. 6 weeks from today. I can't believe it. He also asked if I had registered at the hospital yet. I told him no, but the nurse was getting me the forms to fill out. He casually mentioned Verdugo Hills hospital. Um...What??? I thought I would deliver at Huntington, the only hospital in Pasadena. Apparently not. My insurance is only covered at Verdugo Hills, in Glendale. Nowhere have I seen this in writing. I've looked online, in my coverage book, on my insurance delivery approval sheet, everywhere. I called Cigna this morning, and, sure enough, I need to deliver at Verdugo Hills. AAARRRRGGGHHH! Much worse thoughts are in my head, believe me. It would be nice if me and my type A personality would have known this sooner. So, today, I'm trying to process things differently. I need to find this hospital, which, according to my i-phone, is 15 minutes away. The good thing is that this is 15 minutes closer to Valencia, where we'll be living when he's born.

My dr. has been telling me to travel, shop and have fun the last several appointments. Yesterday, he told me I needed to slow down and rest more. Um....ok-Yeah...right. We're moving in 4 weeks! I did follow his orders last night, I fell asleep before 8:30. Poor Kevin is usually on his own with the girls after supper these days, especially if I don't get a quick nap in the afternoons. Today, the nap is a priority, since LOST is on and I have to wait until 9pm to watch it.

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