Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I was very excited to Redbox at Ralphs last week for the first time. That was one, of many, things we missed about Kansas. A redbox on every corner. Since then, we've canceled our netflix subscription, and have watched Princess and the Frog and Blind Side. Highly recommend the Blind Side. It was soooo good.
Moving on to food-here's what's on the table this week-

  • Taco Salad, guacamole, chips
  • Honey mustard pork chops, garlic butter rice, corn on the cob, and blackberry crisp-blackberries were on sale for 99 cents, so I bought 3 containers. And, I think I'm the only one who likes blackberries.
  • Chipotle-you should know this by now...
  • Pesto Mozzarella chicken, potatoes, salad
  • Breakfast for supper-don't know what yet, maybe biscuits and gravy and fruit...
Kevin's folks are coming on Thursday for a couple of days. Kevin and I are going on a date on Friday! I'm so excited, a whole blog post may be devoted to it. Our last date was November 20, 2009. Not that I'm keeping track or anything...Anyhoo-our meals, and my cooking may be sporatic the rest of the week, not that I mind :) I am planning a Mother's day breakfast-peach french toast and breakfast casseroles, fruit salad, and whatever anyone wants to eat that morning.

I'm also starting to plan a batch cooking day, so we'll have plenty of meals after blue comes. I can't decide whether to do it now while here in the apt. or wait until after we move. Probably after we move, to break my new kitchen in and not have to transport so many freezer meals. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Once a Month Mom posted her summer menu and there are several recipes I want to try.

Presley is sitting next to me on the couch and keeps saying, "hold you?" which really means, "hold me" so I'm off of the computer for some cuddle time with my favorite 19m old!


Phil said...

Reese says, "hold you" also. Peach french toast sounds sooo good right now. My mouth is watering. We had bfast for supper last night and I made a recipe in the TBC cookbook, it's just a lb. of sausage browned, then add a block of cream cheese and spoon it into crescent rolls then bake the rolls according to the pkg instructions. They were tasty and very easy. I just served w/ eggs and fruit. But then 2 hrs later, Phil had to have a plate full of chx nuggets b/c he doesn't think bfast @ dinner really counts as a meal.

SAL said...

I loved Blind Side, too! Your Mother's Day menu looks sooooo good. Your MIL will LOVE it! I'm glad they're coming to see ya'll and that you'll get a date finally! So happy for you. Wish I could be there to help with your freezer meals! You know I'd package them for you and let you sit with your feet up. Oh, and thanks for that Once a Month menu link. Looks great!

Gerri said...

Michelle, if I'm coming on the 17th, I should have time to do freezer meals for you. And, of course, I'll be there to cook fresh, as well. When I leave, I'll be taking the 3 girls, so it will be just you, Kevin, and Blue.