Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dallas, here we come!

Insert cool picture of Dallas skyline. Someday, I'll figure that out...

We're heading to Dallas after Kevin gets done with work tonight, and we're all so excited! We were supposed to go down and visit Kevin's brother, his wife and 2 girls over Memorial Day weekend, but 3 days before the trip, they called to say they had been exposed to Lice and there was a strong chance that their girls would get it. So, we canceled at the last minute. Avery and McKenna were so dissappointed.

So, we're trying it again this weekend. I'm 30 weeks pregnant now, so, not really looking forward to the long drive and extremely hot weather, but, I'm looking forward to swimming in their pool and being with family for a few days.

The last time Kevin and I were in Dallas, it was 1999. We flew there from Kentucky to surprise Kevin's brother for his b-day. We went to 6 flags, ate at P. F. Changs for the 1st time, and went to South Fork. Just 4 adults, no kids. This time should be a little different, I think, but lots of fun, none the less.

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SAL said...

say hello to Plano for me!