Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

On this (very hot) day 95 years ago, my husband's grandmother was born. Viola Harner lived most of her life in Kingman, Ks. She was a hairdresser, owned the local Ward's store with her husband of 60+ years and raised her family. She has 2 grown daughters, 7 (I think) grandkids, and too many great-grandkids to mention. Her soul-mate, Maynard Harner, went to be with Jesus in August of 2003. She has been holding down the family fort ever since. She is an ordinary woman with extraordinary faith. She loves plants, pictures, Werther's candies, and her family. Happy Birthday, Grandma! I'm so blessed to be married to a man who has such a godly heritage.

Viola shares this special day with 3 incredible kids. Rachel, Megan, and Samuel Butts were born (at the same time-almost) 4 years ago today to Susan (and Bryson) Butts. In the midst of planting a church, setting up a private practice, moving, and other challenges of life, these 3 miracles came to the world. They are beautiful examples of how much God loves His children. Happy Birthday to you all!

side note-every night for the last week I've thought I'd get Kevin to help me with pix. But, for some reason, sleep seems like the better option at that time of day. Be patient, they're coming! I tried to stay up and watch Third Day on Leno, but to no avail. Someday, maybe...

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