Friday, July 18, 2008


The girls have been gone for a few days at Ashram (church) camp w/ their grandparents, so Kevin and I have been enjoying
  • having the house to ourselves
  • NOT watching Curious George or Clifford in the mornings
  • getting to eat junk food without sharing (except w/ each other)
  • cleaning the house without it getting messy right afterwards
  • having the computers to ourselves, not going to or
We spent some time painting the nursery on Wednesday night, followed by a late dinner at Bella Luna, yummmmm. This is our 3rd child, 3rd girl, 3rd nursery, and 3rd shade of yellow we've painted in the last 5 years. I kept telling myself if it was a boy, we'd buy different bedding and go w/ a different theme, but God knows we're trying to save money, so He provided a way for us to do that by giving us another girl. Yea, God! Our old crib was recalled, so we're waiting on that process to finish so we can purchase a new crib. I'll post pix as soon as it's finished-and as soon as Kevin shows me how to post pix :)

Last night, Kevin mowed, I fixed his favorite dinner and we watched Batman Begins. After 2 days without them, this house is way too quiet. I'm ready for them to be home. This afternoon, we'll make the trip to Sterling college to pick up the girls, catch up with old friends, and participate in the camp's last worship service.

I'm looking forward to the weekend with not much planned, except being together as a family! For this blog, I'd like to be creative and organized enough to post different things on different days. So, be patient, check often, and comment nicely.

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SAL said...

YAY Michelle! So looking forward to reading your thoughts and keeping up with your homeschooling adventure.
Welcome to the blog world, friend!