Monday, July 21, 2008

My 1st Vent!

Well, not exactly, if you count my first post. Right now I desperately need to be working on developing/creating a syllabus for a class I'm teaching at Friends this fall. The house is quiet. All 3 girls are sleeping. I REALLY want to join them! I've already finished writing the syllabuses (hey, I ran this through spell check and it said this was ok) for the other 2 classes I'm teaching, but I can't get motivated to do this one. I have nothing to go by for this class, no old syllabus, no expert advice from someone who's taught the class before, nothing, nada (yeah, spell check didn't like that one, but didn't give me a better option). While I'm really excited to be teaching this particular class, the timing of it couldn't be worse. It's only offered every other semester, and I happen to be 9m. pregnant the semester it's offered. Oh well. I'll grin and bear it like usual. Then complain to husband throughout the semester, until he (in love, of course) reminds me that it was my choice to do this. Ugh!

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