Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Appreciating your Pastor

For Pastor appreciation month (yes, they have a month for that, although it's perfectly acceptable to appreciate your Pastor every month) I thought I would list a few things I love about a Pastor I've known my whole life, my dad.
  • He loves Jesus with his whole heart
  • He loves John Wesley, and will go to great lengths to defend United Methodism
  • He loves his family and is passionate about making memories with them
  • He loves to fish
  • He loves Colorado and western Kansas
  • He loves the farm
  • He (used to) love flying
  • He is a perfectionist, he strives for excellence in everything
  • He loves his wife and is devoted to her
  • He is the best marry-er and bury-er I know-the weddings and funerals he officiates are always so good, very personal and life affirming
  • He loves KU AND K-State, not many people can say that...
  • He loves the church, even the people who claim to love Jesus but continue to complain, bicker, and gripe. But, don't think he's made of steel. He gets his feelings hurt, just like the rest of us and can only take so much.
  • He's very good at seeing the "big picture"
  • He loves his Mac and i-phone, just sayin'...
  • He is loyal and takes his job very seriously
He is human. He lives out his faith every day. I never wanted to be a preacher's kid, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but I'm proud to be Mike's daughter. Happy Pastor Appreciation Month!

Your turn...What do you appreciate about your pastor?


Gerri said...

What a great tribute. Through his tears, he said "Well, now I can die". I told him no he couldn't, because we all still need him, especially the grandkids, so they can see those virtues in him. Well, I didn't say all of that, I just said, "No you can't". Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your heart.

SAL said...

I loved your post, but I love your Mom's comment even more. Just perfect.