Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Family by Avery Osborn

Avery is always doing a craft project or some type of art or story. Recently, she's been writing books. Here is the latest...

My Family by Avery Osborn 2009

My Family look's like this. Look down. My Dad and my mom my sister's and me. We also have a dog her Name is Abby
My Dad like's to work. My Mom like's to work out.
my sister Mckenna like's to play. my sister Presley like's to play to.
and I like to go to Grandma and Grandpa's hose. I am mooving to a Noo home. and it is ok but I do not wont to moov.
It is Fall 2009 the tree's are changing color's. Fall
Fall yes Fall yes yes
My family it is Fall the end

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Gerri said...

How sweet is that? She needs a blog of her own.