Sunday, October 18, 2009

I heart my i-phone

I never dreamed I could love a piece of technology so much! Kevin and I finally took the plunge and traded our one mobile phone (I know, can you believe it? We shared a phone for the last 3 years!) for 2 i-phones.

We can text now. Yes, I know, welcome to 2004, right? Actually, Avery got a hold of my phone this weekend and quickly taught herself how to text. She's sent several to Grandma, her daddy and aunt Marla. I'm still trying to work out the kinks. I can't figure out ringtones. I'm hoping Kevin loves me enough to do it for me, instead of trying to teach me how. I don't have enough patience, I guess.

So far, I've downloaded several apps for the girls
  • Doodle Kids
  • Baby flash cards
  • Tic tac toe
  • Monkey Preschool
  • Whiteboard
  • Pocket Phonics
  • Matches...aka memory
  • Math Drills
  • Line Up
  • Christmas Countdown
  • Flingfree
I have some apps for just me
  • Facebook, of course
  • E online-I use this one, probably more than I like to admit
  • Grocery List
  • You version Bible-LOVE THIS
  • Chipotle (haven't used this yet, hoping to, soon)
  • Bump
  • Around Me
  • Yelp
  • Mixology
  • Mint finance
  • Pandora-use this ALOT at the Y
  • Zippo-Kevin put this on my phone
  • Alarm Clock
  • Psych bobble heads-I love Psych on USA, just fyi
Speaking of Psych, I wanted to put their theme song as my ringtone. I just found out that the spanish version is free. However, I can't figure out how to get it from i-tunes to my ringtone section. Again...if Kevin loves me...

I actually use the ones that came with the phone, too
  • weather-I can check on the weather in both Wichita and Pasadena. So far, Pasadena rocks!
  • Voice memos-Avery and McKenna love this-they record stuff all of the time. I love listening to it. Sometimes, I can even record Presley. I love it.
  • Stocks-believe or not, I've used this, especially when the DOW went about 10,000
  • Camera-again, the girls love this. I sent several pics to my mom this weekend of my sick kiddos.
  • Notes-I've used this for small grocery lists, quick reminders and random info.
  • Maps-I'm sure I'll use this someday.
  • YouTube-haven't had time to mess with this, yet.
So, what's your favorite app? So far, I think I've only paid for one. And that was just $.99. I could spend hours at the app store, just browsing. So, let me know what's your favorite, or what you think I'd like. Thanks!


Gerri said...

Who is the Christmas Countdown app for again?

SAL said...

I can put ringtones on your phone for you, using your itunes. (some will work, some won't) I searched the directions online but now I can't find them to just pass on to you. I have Phony Phone app for Moriah. I texted you, did you get it? There's a crock pot recipe app I thought you'd like too. I used the maps to get home yesterday from Longview and it was like having a GPS, only without the annoying, bossy voice.

Hope your girls feel better soon!

Gerri said...

I would say the Maps app is my favorite. I did use the Around Me app in Arkansas last week.
I tried to leave a comment before, maybe it didn't work because it was from my iPhone or maybe you didn't want to post it because it really didn't answer the ? you asked. My comment - who is the Christmas Countdown for again?