Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The adventure begins!

From the beginning of this process, Kevin and I have told the girls that this will be an adventure. We've told them that they'll need to have patience, that they'll need to be flexible and they'll need to have fun.
The movers came Monday and packed up all of our worldly possessions, and, yes, we found out we are very worldly. We have so much stuff and we threw away over 20 bags of trash in the last week alone. We forgot to set out a stroller to have for the next 2 weeks, it was put on the truck before we had time to get it. I guess we'll either buy a cheap one, or make Presley walk. We also forgot to set aside coats for us to have this week. Ugh...those got packed, too. Oh well, the weather in Ks looks good so far. We'll survive. I was painfully aware of 2 things on Monday-1)I'm not as organized as I thought I was or I'd like to be and 2) I haven' t done the best job of cleaning lately.
In the midst of moving, I went to the dr. for the 5th time in the last 10 days. I took McKenna first, last week, and they said she had a mild case of the chicken pox. Then, Avery had strep throat. Avery went back a couple days later because she was still sick and got a stronger antibiotic. On Saturday, I spent 2 hrs at minor emergency with a sick Presley. She had an ear infection. At one point, there were 5 bottles of pink medicine in our fridge. This time, I was going for me. I woke up with a horrible chest cough on Sunday and the dr. said I had bronchitis. I have a Z-pak and some cough syrup with codeine that makes me feel very loopy. I feel like I've been in a different world. I hate this feeling. Hoping to feel better soon, and praying the Kevin stays healthy.
Because I was so out of it, my best sister in the world, Marla came and finished cleaning our house Monday night. I can't thank her enough.
So, we're homeless now. We closed on the house on Tuesday. Nothing special, just signing a lot of papers. I didn't realize that selling your house would cost so much money! I really wish we could have sold by owner. sigh....Anyway, it's done.
We're up in Abilene for a few days. Then back to Wichita for a few days. Then, the road trip starts!

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Brandi said...

Good Luck!! Hope it's a great trip and that everything goes well.