Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 2...Albuquerque

We got up bright and early and left Liberal around 8am. Made it to Tocomcari for lunch at Kix on 66, a hole in the wall diner on the old Route 66. It was fun and the food was good. This time, Presley arched her back and screamed like crazy when we put her back in her carseat. We made one pit stop at a rest area. New Mexico is not known for their rest area, just fyi. Then, landed in Albuquerque just before 3, mountain time. We got into our room, q
uickly changed to our swimsuits and went down to the pool. The coldest indoor pool in the entire world. It was so cold. We didn't stay long. Came back to the room, showered, then went and found a mexican restaurant, thanks to the yelp app, and the guy at the hotel front counter. After supper, we came back to the room, ready for bed. But it was only 6 :30. Ugh! Thank goodness, we found the Grinch on Tv, so the girls watched that while we reorganized for tomorrow's adventure. Good travel prizes today were slumber masks (so they'd sleep in the van, they didn't), lip gloss, more books, and Peppermint bodywash and lotion for bathtime in the hotel.
at the mexican restaurant.
the girls at a rest stop. Presley was so happy to be out of the van!
The view from our hotel room-
saying Goodnight~!

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SAL said...

It's an adventure they'll never forget and you're creating such great memories for them, mama! So proud of you guys. Keep on, keepin' on, as my Grandpa always said. God is with you.

Love you all.