Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 1...Liberal Ks

On Sunday morning, we headed west to Pasadena. After weeks of saying our good-byes and many, many tears shed, it was time to go. We packed up the van. And, when I say packed, I mean packed. It was so full that over the weekend, Kevin and I looked into getting a suburban. Seriously. We chickened out, though, since we couldn't find anything we really wanted-'05, leather, bucket seats, under 50,ooo miles, etc. we're not picky. Anyway, packed up the van, tightly and headed west. Stopped in Pratt for lunch. McDonalds, hopefully the only time we have to eat at a McDonalds this trip. Made a pit stop in Minneola, then landed in Liberal in the afternoon. Around Greensburg, McKenna asked if we were close to California, yet. This was also around the time Kevin said that if we flew to Pasadena, it would only take us the time spent driving from Wichita to Liberal. Not what I wanted to hear at that point. Spent the rest of the day visiting family. We stayed with my aunt, Marlene, and chatted with Jeff and Julie all afternoon. Got to celebrate cousin Cameron's 17 birthday as well. I spent a small fortune in the dollar section at Target buying prizes for the kids for good behavior on the trip. Today's prizes were gum, books, and candy.
Here is Presley with her first prize of the trip, a book. Poor girl, no candy, just books.Kevin, trying to stay awake. I kept telling the girls that he was allowed to have as much candy as he wanted since he was driving.McKenna and Avery got bubble gum for their 1st prize, here is McKenna trying to blow a bubble.It feels like we're driving into nowhere....

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