Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Monday...again

Go here to see the cutest kids on Halloween. We had a great time Friday night. Uncle Phil dressed as the wolf and walked around with McKenna and Aunt Marla was a witch and accompanied Dorothy, aka Avery. We have enough candy to last us a lifetime, or at least till Wednesday. lol
Presley had a great night last night. I've found out she doesn't like spinach alfredo pizza. I ate some Friday for supper and she was up 3 times in the night. Her tummy was making crazy noises. Darn! I love that stuff-OH well...
We have school today-Avery is learning
  1. Math-0-6 backward and forward in order--very easy for her
  2. Phonics-reading
  3. Language Arts-reading the Runaway Bunny and making one of her own-bunny, that is
  4. History-Arabian Peninsula (I'll be learning about that as well)
  5. Art-artist Henry Tanner-creating a special moment portrait (drawing a picture of yourself doing something special-riding a bike, playing dollhouse, etc...)
  6. Park-it's going to be nice out-

McKenna usually joins us for Language Arts, History, and Art-she plays by herself or watches Dora while we do Math and Phonics. Presley is learning to soothe herself to sleep without being held. I can't type well with one hand. Although I LOVE holding her, after 5 weeks, I'm realizing other things need to be done :)

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