Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Are we married?

Last week in phonics, I asked Avery to write 5 sentences. Here is what she wrote.
  1. Is Dad married?
  2. Is Mom married?
  3. Is Dad married to Mom?
  4. Is Mom married to Dad?
  5. Are Dad and Mom married?
Can you tell we've been talking about marriage lately? At least she got the punctuation correct. I found this on the table recently. She likes drawing family portraits and writing love notes.


Topher said...

Cute! I didn't realize Kevin was so much shorter than you, though. Must be those boots you're wearing.

SAL said...

I love your boots, Michelle!

Michelle Osborn said...

Yeah-Kevin asked her why he was wearing shorts/t-shirt and I was dressed in winter clothes. She responded by saying that those are the outfits we "always wear."

marla said...

Now I know exactly which pants Avery is wearing in the drawing--her dark leggins w/ the cuff and buttons on the bottom. Are those your gouchos, Michelle? That's so funny!