Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rock Chalk Bill Self

The girls and I went to Dillons this morning to buy Bill Self's new book-and to get his autograph. We got in line around 9:30. He came in at 10. He drinks Diet Coke. He looks normal, and he was really nice. There was a LONG line of people. We make it up to see him around 10:50. The girls were sooooo good for me. They were excited to see him, too. He signed our books, and posed for a quick picture. He commented on how cute the girls were. I was very impressed with the way Dillons handled this event-free starbucks coffee, cookies, customer service was great. And, KWCH-ch. 12- got footage of us in line and while we were talking to him. Watch for us on the evening news.

Afterwards, we looked around and , since the girls were behaving, I decided to go ahead and do some shopping. They got their carts and we were off. I almost never shop with the girls. I always do it on Sundays when Kevin is home. I must say, again, they were so good. I bought a couple of things that weren't on the list-cherries, yogurt, and pistachios to be exact. But it was a pleasant experience. Presley fell asleep at the very end!Shhhhhhhhhh-don't tell my Dad about this. The book is for him :)


Gerri said...

Love this. The pictures are great. Hope I can wait until your Dad's birthday to show him the pictures. I really love the one of blue eyed McKenna holding the book.

Marla said...

That is so cool. The girls were very cute, and I knew I liked coach Self, a fellow diet coke drinker. I stayed up last night to watch McKenna again on the news. She looked so grown up!