Friday, May 1, 2009

Once a Month

I found this blog a few weeks ago. Today, they put out the OAM May menu, recipes, and shopping list. I'm very intrigued by this concept. Tuesday night, I went to Sally's, and brought home 8 meals for the freezer, one of which we're having tomorrow night (Cilantro Citrus pork chops). I started making freezer meals when I found out Presley was breech and that I had to have a c-section. And this is my new favorite cookbook (beating out the Junior League Plano and Wichita books by a hair) For some crazy reason, I find comfort in knowing there's a meal in the freezer, especially on the days when there's nothing in the fridge. I try to make one or 2 freezer meals a week. Usually I just double whatever I'm making for a meal and stick the extra in the freezer. But I'm thinking about planning a OAM weekend to stock up.
What do you think? Do you make freezer meals?

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