Sunday, June 7, 2009

12 Years and counting...

12 years ago, I made the 2nd best decision of my life. I married my best friend. I married the love of my life. I married the one. I married Kevin.

We've had ups. We've had downs. We've had highs. We've had lows. And I love him more today than I did 12 years ago.

Tonight, we're dining at PF Changs, followed by...well...I don't know-we just talked about dinner. Hopefully a walk along the waterfront, or a game of bowling at the ally, or a movie. We're long overdue for a date night.

Thank you, Kev, for loving me. For putting up with me. For cleaning the kitchen after I mess it all up. For putting the girls to bed at night. For fixing anything and everything I break. For being the head and spiritual leader of our family. For working hard, so I can be home with the girls. For taking care of me. For being you. I love you. always.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle....I'm "assuming" that your 1st best decision was to accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior?

I read Kevin's blog on your marriage...and I think you are a very lucky woman!!! I enjoy reading both your blogs...yours for personal info...and his for spiritual growth.

love,aunt brenda

Michelle Osborn said...

Thanks Aunt Brenda,

Yes, my best decision was Jesus. Kevin is a close 2nd, though. Hope you're having a great summer, so far!