Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer's here

Man, it's been a crazy 2 weeks. Good thing we're done with school, b/c I don't know how we could fit it in at this point.
  • We are in the middle of redecorating our basement. Got new TV, console, and some picture frames. We painted the basement. Desperately looking for 2 end tables with character...and a good price. Kevin and I are having the typical husband/wife miscommunication struggle about budget...nothing big, though. Always interesting, however. We're trying to do this with cash, which, in my opinion, always complicates things :)
  • We made a quick trip to Liberal for Memorial Day.
  • Avery went to Abilene for VBS.
  • The rest of us went to Abilene for my Dad's birthday.
  • Had an ultrasound on my neck this morning. One of the procedures that has become routine in my life as a cancer patient. Everything was fine, though. I'm off the hook 'til December.
  • Last weekend, we spent 3 hours at Old navy, getting 14 pairs of flip flops for $1 each. While we were there, I found some cute dresses for the girls. I decided to wait until they were on sale, which is this week. We went there today, and they didn't have Avery's size, of course. Came back home and ordered her dress online. Because I had to pay for shipping, I didn't end up saving any money, ugh...
  • I spent way too much money at the store yesterday. I went to Walmart, Dillons at NewMarket, Aldi, and Dillons at Central and Maize. Today, I realized that I only have 2 diapers left...sigh...
  • This should be a slow week for us. Kevin is working hard on his dissertation. We're trying to accommodate him. I need to clean the school room and make it more into a play room. And we need to seriously baby-proof this house. Presley is crawling everywhere now and our house is full of outlets just waiting for little fingers.
  • The whole Dr. Tiller thing has been weighing on my mind and heart today. I have some thoughts. I may post them later.
  • Our neighbors, and friends sold their house after just one day on the market. They got 4 offers, 2 were above the asking price. I'm so happy for them, but very sad, too. They are wonderful neighbors and their daughter is a great friend and playmate to Avery and McKenna. We'll miss them-
Summer came with a bang. Our temp is reading 98 degrees. I see a trip to the outside pool at the Y in our near future!


Dave Roddy said...

So when you finally realize that God is calling you to come to PA to be the worship leaders for my church, you should have no problem selling your house.

Michelle Osborn said...

the thought has crossed our minds...