Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer structure

When I read Sally's post last week, I thought to myself, "I'm just ready to be done with structure, and just relax." So...we're 3 days in... and I need a plan. Here's our daily routine for the remainder of the summer. Most of this is what we normally do already. Sometimes, it's easier to stick to when you see it in print.

Avery and McKenna joined the library's summer reading program, so we'll make weekly trips to the library to get books. I also plan on using this site a lot in the next few months.

7:30-9:30-somewhere in this time frame, I wake up, wake Presley up and feed her, make sure Avery and McKenna are up. Beds are made and breakfast is served. Brush teeth and Bible time
9:30-11-I put Presley down for a nap. This will be independent play time. One can be on the computer, one can play dollhouse, color, read, etc...In a perfect world, this would be when I work out, shower, actually put make-up on...
11-12-I wake Presley up, feed her. The girls can play together, hopefully outside, while we wait for Kevin to come home for lunch.


2-Presley goes down for a nap. Independent play time, same as in the morning.
3-the girls (and me) play together, board games, group activities, or Little House on the Prairie
4-5-Presley usually wakes up sometime during this hour, I feed her, then get ready for supper. The girls usually play with Presley, or outside.
5:30-Kevin gets home. The real fun starts! Supper, family time, showers and
8:30-bedtime for Avery and McKenna
9-bedtime for Presley
9:01-I'm usually ready to collapse by this time. Now that Conan is on earlier, I'll try to stay up to watch. I like him.


marla said...

Structure Schmucture.

Angie said...

So, Michelle is me and Marla is Carey.....who says the first child isn't the most repsonible (or wierd as my sister would say)!!!

Michelle Osborn said...

You have no idea... :)