Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too busy...not really

Our summer is flying. I looked at the calendar today and realized we only have 1 free weekend until school starts. Ugh...

I have to give the only computer we have in the house back to LVS this week. Avery got a computer as part of the online homeschool program. Since she's not with LVS next year, we have to give the computer back. sigh. So, I'm getting the last few hours of precious internet time in before I'm computerless. I think, rather, I'm hoping Kevin has a plan to buy a computer for the family. I'd settle for a Dell in a heartbeat, but my husband is a Mac man, so we'll have to wait and see.

I've found that I'm starting to think in blog titles and status updates. While I feel the creativity, I don't really like it.

We have some great pix from our trip to Texas last week, but I didn't want to load them on this computer. Maybe Kevin will post some more. American Girl store did not disappoint...

I'm planning for family night tomorrow night. June 25. Half-way 'til Christmas. Again, maybe I can get Kevin to post about this.

Presley is pulling up on EVERYTHING. She'll be walking before her 1st birthday. She is an amazing baby, so good. Sleeps 12+ hours at night and 2 naps during the day. She is the poster child for a babywise baby.

I'm thinking of doing this. I think we could do it, especially since paper products and toiletries aren't included. We'll see.

Tonight, Avery and Kenna are spending the night with Kevin's folks. The girls LOVE staying with their grandparents. Kevin is working on his dissertation. I'll be getting ready for tomorrow.

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Ryan said...

We have a wee PC (about $250 from Target or elsewhere) that I love. It would be perfect for your Internet use, and it's highly portable!