Thursday, June 25, 2009

She still believes

The older girls, Avery and McKenna and their 2 cousins are watching The Grinch right now. I just heard Avery say that she believes in Santa b/c she heard the reindeer on Christmas Eve. My heart is melting. It was a precious conversation between all 4 girls about Santa and (b/c of the movie) heart size. lol

Tonight is another family night. June 25. 1/2 way to Christmas!
  • The girls decorated their little trees. We got out the Little People nativity set. I put one strand of lights over the fireplace. We have lots of library books about Christmas. I got out the Christmas coloring and activity books. I got the caroling piano books out. And Elf and Grinch DVDs. The house smells like cinnamon, thanks to leftover holiday candles.
  • Made white pretzels. And Christmas cupcakes. I got Christmas cake mix and frosting in January for 33 cents each! That's when I got the idea for today.
  • We usually have snack food on Christmas eve. So that's on the menu tonight-queso and chips, cheese, sausage, and crackers, shrimp dip, artichoke dip, and little smokies. I'll throw a few carrots on the table just for fun.
  • Making hot chocolate after supper to have with the cupcakes. Plan to watch Elf and enjoy the rest of the evening.
  • Kevin said no to making a fire and gifts. What a scrooge :) Our temp outside is reading 111 degrees, so I guess I don't blame him...
  • The girls are playing dress up by wearing old Christmas dresses. They look so cute!
The girls explained the characters in the nativity set to Presley. Another precious moment I got to enjoy today.

I'm starting to love family night. So are the girls...

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Marla said...

I still remember the Christmas Eve I heard Santa's reindeer on gma Reiss's roof in the middle of the night. I swear I heard something up there!