Monday, December 21, 2009

Excuse me, but where can I find...

So, the Kroger affiliate out here is called Ralphs. Let me tell you, it is no Dillons. Not even close. I miss Dillons. These are the things I can't find here.
  • Velveeta-I make homemade queso with it and rotel.
  • Rotel-see above
  • Red hots-aka cinnamon imperials, we needed these for gingerbread cookies. I improvised with raisens. Won't do that again.
  • Almond bark-for white chocolate pretzels, a Christmas tradition for us
  • Bugles-to go in our homemade chex mix.
  • Summer sausage-to serve on Christmas eve with cheese and crackers.
The only thing good about Ralphs is that they have peppermint mocha coffee mate creamer. And that's it.

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Gerri said...

I could have sent most of that stuff to you in your Christmas box! Should have let me know. I know how frustrating it is. Of course, you know I am spoiled by West's all the way around, even though I also like Dillons. Glad it sounds like the Ralph's at Stevenson Ranch is more up to date and better stocked.