Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Miscellaneous

Well, yesterday went much better than I expected. With the help of Skype, we were able to see both sets of families and talk multiple times with them. The girls had a great Christmas! Not one fight or disappointment. With the exception of 2 blown breakers, the first at 6:30am, the day was awesome. We had to forgo heat to enjoy our Christmas tree lights. The food was great, I must say, and it was a really good Christmas for us. We really have no plans for the next week, other than find some new/cheap places to enjoy around here.
  • At lunch yesterday, I asked the girls what their favorite gift was. Avery said all of her clothes (she got a lot) and McKenna quickly said the m and m's she got in her stocking. From the looks of it, Presley's favorite is her new Tinkerbell chair that's just for her. My favorite gift was getting to experience Christmas with my love and my girls. And, considering all of the compliments he made, I'm guessing Kevin's favorite was the food that was consumed yesterday. And the fact that he got to spend the whole day in his sweats!
  • We shared some big news with everyone. This will be our last Christmas with just the 5 of us. Baby #4 will be coming in June, much to everyone's surprise, including ours!
  • We watched lots of movies-Elf, Grinch, Home Alone (McKenna's new favorite), Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and SNL's Christmas special (after the girls were in bed, of course)
  • I thought I'd be celebrating this Christmas with my new CA driver's license, but no such luck. Can I tell you how much I hate the DMV and got a taste of how things run when the government is in charge. It sucks. We needed to have either birth certificates or passports to verify id-social security cards and current driver's license were not accepted. I also needed my marriage certificate. Kevin couldn't find his birth cert. so he took his expired passport and they accepted it, no problems. I took my original birth cert. and a certified copy of our marriage license and was denied. They want a seal on the marriage cert. No where online did it state that. I've been married for 12 years and had 3 kids with me. I was furious, to say the very least. I studied so hard for that stupid test and was ready for it to just be done. I hated being at that place. It was crowded, dirty, and gross. And, I plan to write a heated letter to Arnold about my experience there. So far, California is NOTHING like his commercials describe.
  • So, I have yet another appt. with the DMV on Jan. 12. My new sealed marriage cert. should be here by then and I'll take the stupid test and declare it will be the last time I set foot in that horrid place.
  • I am so ready for a permanent place to call home. I'm ready for Central heat. A garbage disposal and dishwasher. An extra toilet. A fridge that holds more than 2 days worth of food. A bug/spider free place. Carpet where your feet won't turn black if you decide to go barefoot. 3 prong outlets. A laundry room. The simple things you take for granted until you don't have them. Maybe next Christmas...
  • This apartment looks like a bomb exploded. Today, we are cleaning and finding room for all the stuff we got. We may need another storage unit :)
  • The things I was thinking about last Christmas are so different from what's on my heart today. If you would have told me last year what we'd be doing this year, there's no way I'd believe it. NO WAY-
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! May this season be one of family, joy, laughter, and making great memories for you and your loved ones.


Gerri said...

Not that it will help, but tell Arnold your Mom likes some of his movies.

Brandi said...

Glad it was a good Christmas, and WOW congrats on the baby!!!