Thursday, December 31, 2009

I resolve...

I spent some time going over my resolutions for 2009. I think I kept up with most all of them, except the tv one. Kevin is to blame for that, he bought a bigger tv.

Highlights of 2009
  • Avery said a highlight was when Marla and Phil got a trampoline for Reese and they got to jump on it.
  • We started a basement remodel, which came to an abrupt halt when the Fuller job became a possibility
  • We paid off all debt, except our student loans and mortgage. We'll be paying those stupid loans 'til Avery's in college. Ugh-
  • Avery started 1st grade
  • McKenna started Preschool
  • Watching Presley grow and learn
  • Kevin is now Dr. Osborn!
  • Got to spend lots of time with family and friends
Goals for 2010
  • both Avery and Kenna said they want a home. While it's not really a resolution, we all want one really bad!
  • Rework our budget to accommodate this new life
  • Start 2 new savings acct for-new (to us) vehicle, travel back to Ks
  • Figure out a workable schedule/routine for our family that will soon be 6-this would include chores, boundaries, consequences, rewards, time management, etc...
  • Get more organized system for couponing, and use it-a lot.
  • Get more organized. Period.
  • Be intentional about family night. Plan to have a scheduled family night once a week.
  • Find a babysitter, so Kevin and I can maintain our date night schedule we established in 2009.
  • Figure out plan to work-out. I miss the Y, and U-verse. Bad.
  • Do family devotions every night. The girls got a new devo for Christmas, so we'll plan to use it.
  • Stay on tract with my personal bible reading/devotion time
  • Be a better mom and wife. I haven't been so good lately...
I am praying desperately that we'll find a house we love (and can afford) and that we'll grow to love life in California. This transition has been rough and I don't know when we'll find a place to truly call home. I hope I can be a better model for the girls, and a better support for my husband. That I'll look on the bright side more often, than not. That I'll cry less. That 2010 will be the best year for Osborn abode!

Happy new year to you! What's your resolution?

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