Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a Good Thing

Well, we finally have internet in our apartment. We're still working on trying to get the wireless router to work, but Avery's school desktop is working so I feel like we belong to civilization. However, you don't realize how much you appreciate having a Mac until you have to spend time on a pc, a slow pc. Anyway, I hope our laptop is up and running soon.
It's a good thing I didn't have access to blog last week. It was the worst week ever, and I probably would have said/written a lot that I shouldn't have. Here's a quick recap of the last 12 days
  • the cable guy came Friday afternoon, only to find out our apt. building isn't wired for cable at all, so we have to go with a dish. DirectTV said they'll come on Sunday. We call ATandT about internet and after 45 minutes, they tell Kevin they'll come Dec. 14.
  • 2 hours after the moving van left, Avery throws up. Everywhere.
  • Thinking naively it was just her that was sick, the rest of us ate a big supper of In and Out burgers, fries, etc....
  • a few hours later, it hits the rest of us. All of us were out. Saturday was the most horrible day. Both Kevin and I were very sick, we all just laid around, groaning and sharing 1 bathroom. Poor Presley and the girls pretty much had to fend for themselves. Not one box was unpacked that day.
  • Sunday-woke up sore and weak, but not sick anymore-must. unpack. boxes.
  • Realize after sleeping in our bed, that the movers didn't put it together correctly and it was sinking terribly in the middle. Kevin had to take the whole thing apart, bend the metal back and start over
  • ant problem in the girl's rm
  • toilet problems
  • major plumbing issue with kitchen sink faucet. Called after hours maintenance (for the second time) b/c the faucet just wouldn't turn off. Ugh
  • spider problems in bathroom-McKenna won't go in there by herself anymore...
  • Our back door window is covered with tape and packing paper b/c the shade won't stay down.
  • more ant problems-not in the kitchen-they must like the bathroom and girls room.
  • Walls are paper thin here. We are a loud family. Not good in an apartment. I feel so sorry for our neighbors.
  • Our one and only toilet takes 5 to 6 minutes to refill with water after a flush. Seriously, I timed it.
  • No heat in here except our 3 space heaters-Surprisingly, it gets cold here in SoCal, especially at night.
  • several breakers blown. Breaker box is located in room down the way. Our key didn't work the first night we blew one. Another call to maintenence after hours.
  • Found out we can either watch tv, or have the Christmas lights on. Also, if you want to use the microwave, you must turn off the space heaters.
  • I've already spent $50 doing laundry at the laundry mat.
My girls amaze me. They are doing so well! I can't believe how well they are doing. I'm supposed to be the model, the strong one. Well, I'm not. This has been the hardest thing I've ever done, without a doubt. I'm not very good at faking it.

The weather has been better the last few days, so we've been able to get out more. A much needed break from our apt.

Here's hoping this week is better than last...

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The Troops said...

oh honey...I am so sorry - it makes me so thankful that our temporary housing is at least clean and dependable even if other stuff is not going so great right now. Hey-on looking for houses - check out craigslist - you would be amazed what you will find - I have found some good stuff here. Call anytime to commisserate!!!!