Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Girly thoughts

Abby has adjusted very well to the new addition to our family. She shares her part of our bed and tolerates Presley's loud cries. Wherever Presley is, Abby is nearby. She doesn't look thrilled with me taking pix of her, though...
My wonderful husband had to go back to work this week. I miss him every minute. I got so spoiled with him being home last week. Grandma Keating came to help with the girls. She ended up taking the 2 older ones back to Abilene for a few days. They bought Sleeping Beauty yesterday and are so excited to watch it.
I feel soooooo much better now. Not ready to tackle the dishwasher and laundry yet, though. I'm wondering how much longer I can put those chores off. The pain is minimal. Nursing doesn't hurt near as much. I just get tired easily. Right now, I'm just so thankful that most of the pain is gone and I can think about other things than when can I take another percocet. Here is my sleeping beauty. She slept in her cradle for a whopping 15 minutes before she realized no one was holding her and started screaming. Presley doesn't like being left alone. And she hates lying on her back. The 1st night we were home, she (tried to) sleep in her cradle. It was a very LONG night. Since then, Kevin and I decided sleep was more important than establishing boundaries, so she's been propped up in her boppy on our bed in between us. For those of you who know us well, feel free to laugh. We don't care anymore. We like our sleep! She has slept very well since. I feed her at 10pm-she usually wakes up to eat between 2-3am and then again around 7am. Monday night was the first time I ate Mexican food. That was the only night she woke up more than usual. I guess that will be cut from my menu for awhile.

Avery lost her 2nd tooth last week. Here she is, showing her gap. She is enjoying "Fall break" from school. We (plan to) start up again next week. She loves holding Presley and is an awesome big sister!

McKenna is our diaper queen, she gets us diapers and puts the dirty ones in the trash. She is a huge help and is very interested in the whole "God designed mommies to make milk for the baby" issue. She is always asking if God made the milk for Presley yet. lol...

Here she is, showing off her new jewelry she got from a group of Friends employees. We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and family. Thank you so much for all you've done for our family, and for including the 2 older girls in your gifts.

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