Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prayer and Pastor thoughts

One of the blogs I read is from a pastor's wife in North Carolina. She's recently done a series of posts on how to pray-for your pastor, your church staff, and your pastor's wife. I'm hoping the next one will be about praying for pastor's kids, we'll have to wait and see/read. As a grown up pk, I appreciate her thoughts and ideas on how to pray for church leaders.

Most people have no clue what the pastor and his family go through on a day to day basis. The pastor's family has to share their husband and dad with the whole church and community, whether we want to or not. I remember, as a kid and young adult (and now), wondering what church crisis would happen when our family is planning something, like going on vacation, getting married, school recitals, concerts, etc. It never fails. Someone dies, someone is in the hospital, some important meeting or service, someone needs help. I can't put my personal thoughts on this in any type of stucture, nor can I eloquently write (or should write) what I think most of the time. Holly's posts were a good read for anyone in the church, and a reminder to pray for those in leadership, all of the time, not just during pastor appreciation month.


Charity said...

I appreciate your perspective on this! It is appropriate to enlighten the rest of us on the realities of life as a Pastor's family. We are blessed to have your Dad as our pastor and continue our prayers throughout the year for him. We also know that he loves his family SO much. I wouldn't want him to be torn between the two altho I'm sure that happens more often than I realize. Thanks for the reminder to pray for ALL of you!

MARLA said...

And and I are both Christians, with Christian families of our own and serving in Christ-centered churches. I know that dad tried to make the best childhood for us, but yes, he's a workaholic and being a pastor at the same time, sometimes serving 2 churches at once! That's not a good combo! I had my wedding on a Friday night in case he wanted to be back for Sunday(although he didn't!) and I think he and mom missed my only band concert @ Newton High School b/c they were @ some church meeting. I quit after that! But...somehow, someway, God is good, and has blessed us to be able to serve Him and love Him in spite of all the evil and hurt brought on through "church-goers." There's a special place in heaven for PK's!