Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Presley gained 3 oz since last Wednesday! She's still not up to her birth weight, but we're rejoicing the fact that's she's gaining now and not losing. We weigh her again next Monday.

We started school up again yesterday. It was a long day! Kevin's mom is making me a sling for Presley, and I'm quickly realizing I need it, like, yesterday. Presley loves to be held and I love to hold her. But, for some reason, I need my arms to do school and carry stuff up and down the stairs. Go figure! I made my first meal in 2 weeks last night, too. Green chili enchiladas-and Presley doesn't have an upset stomach. I'm thankful for that too. Kevin got firewood last Saturday, and the girls have been asking for a fire ever since. He made one last night. The AC kicked on 10 minutes later. The atmosphere was nice, though. I'm excited about the changing seasons. It came so fast-I wore shorts to the hospital to have Presley 2 weeks ago and today I'm wearing sweats! Time to make the chex mix and get ready for the holidays!!!!!!

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