Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Pix 2008

Yesterday, we had these pix taken at Portrait Innovations. I made the appt for during the day, thinking it wouldn't be as busy as an evening or weekend time slot. Boy, was I wrong. We waited for almost an hour to get one set of pictures taken, then waited another 30 minutes for the second set. There were so many people there. Everyone was dressed in black, red, and white. Presley was awake the whole time, but didn't smile at all. The older girls were great. Kevin and I decided we will do this again, but just to get the girls pix taken. We weren't very happy with the family portrait. Oh well. I should have had our family pix taken earlier this fall, so they could be outside. I've been stewing over this since Presley was born, I'm glad it's over.

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SAL said...

We went there for ours and we'll never go there again! They book waaaay too many appts at one time. We just wanted holiday pics and they hurried us in and out of there and then we sat and waited like you for the next room. I told the manager, I wasn't doing pics in there, so I got a few more in the room with Christmas stuff and home we went. Bah Humbug on them!!! I'm going back to JCPenney.