Sunday, December 7, 2008

Misc. thoughts

Various thoughts I've been thinking include, but are not limited to-

  • I miss singing. With the exception of a couple of funerals, I haven't sung or led worship in public in 2 years. I'm starting to really miss it. I've considered getting a church job, just so I could sing again ( and the pay would be helpful, too)

  • I love this time of year. It's so magical. I can't remember figuring out about Santa, I've always believed in him. In my mind as a child, I remember thinking, "my parents couldn't afford this, so there must be a Santa!" My favorite Christmas gift was a bike I got when I was 5. My second favorite was a stereo-it was huge!

  • I spent alot of money this weekend. I need to slow down, we still have 23 more days in this month!

  • That said, I think I have most of our Christmas shopping done!

  • Kevin gave me an early present. I got highlights in my hair yesterday. I realize this is so shallow, but I love having highlights! It's been 4 years since I've had my hair colored. The stylist kept saying my hair looked so healthy. Duh, I haven't colored it in 4 years!

  • We're getting our family pix done this week. Finally. Presley is 10 weeks old and I don't have any paper pix of her yet. All of them are in the computer.

  • We have a crazy busy week ahead. I have juries 2 days, we have dentist appts. pictures, and Friday night we're hosting a party for Kevin's student workers and my voice students, should be fun. Sunday, Presley is getting baptized up in Abilene. Somewhere in there, Avery will have school, Presley will be fed, and McKenna will get to play barbies with her mom. I love my life!


marla said...

Your hair looks great. You should post a pic.

Gerri said...

So do I need to remind you about working for a church. However, if God has called you to this then he will carry you.