Monday, December 1, 2008

Productive weekend

We had a great weekend putting up the trees, ornaments and decorating the house. I'll post pix of the outside tomorrow, hopefully. We've watched Elf 5 times so far. We've eaten more Chex mix than I care to admit. We had wonderful food and special times with our families and friends.

Here is our tree in the living room. Avery is playing with the little people nativity set.
Here is the tree in the basement. Kevin also painted the bathroom downstairs and it looks awesome! We found some $5 paint a few weeks ago in a color that we thought would be fine. It looks really good.
Yesterday, the girls and I made ornaments for their trees. They take a couple of days to dry, then we'll hang them and post more pix.
Presley had her 2 month appt. today. She weighed 11lbs, 12 oz. Hard to believe she had so much trouble gaining weight after she was born. She is doing great. Cried a lot after getting her shots. I've spent most of the afternoon holding her, which I don't mind a bit.
I'm making breakfast for dinner tonight. Chex mix for dessert! I'm hoping Coke is on sale at Dillons this week, b/c we are dangerously low! Good thing we don't drink pop with our biscuits and eggs!

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Holly Furtick said...

Your trees are beautiful. Is the one in your living room white?? Very brave!