Friday, December 5, 2008

My mom's b-day

Here is my mom with Reese, my niece.

My mom was born on the anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. She is 59 today. I love her so much. She is the best mom in the whole world. She is also the best grandma. Things I love and appreciate about my mom.

  • She loves her husband and cares for him. She irons his clothes, cooks for him, cleans for him

  • She loves her children. She took care of us when we were sick, stayed in the hospital with us. She made dresses for us at Christmas. She permed our hair. She did all of our laundry.

  • She loves her grandkids. She is always buying something for them. She reads to them, she plays with them, she cooks their favorite meals.

  • She's the best cook. period. Everything she makes is delicious. Her gumbo is out of this world.

  • She has the gift of hospitality. She loves to entertain.

  • She loves yellow roses.

  • She doesn't like chocolate very much

Being a mom myself makes me appreciate her all the more. Now I realize how much she sacrificed for us. If you see my mom today, wish her a happy birthday. Say a prayer of blessing for her.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

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marla said...

Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for always taking care of us. I love you.