Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I was going to post on the inauguration today, what we did in school, what channel we watched (Fox news), and how we explained this day to the girls. Then I read this post, now I'm melancholy. Yes, this is an historical day. Yes, it's a day of celebration. A new day has dawned. But is it a better day? I'm not so sure.

I sit here at the table watching Fox news-Fair and Balance, they say-McKenna is reading a story to Presley, Avery is decorating a map of North America. Thank you God for a country that allows me to teach my children. Thank you God for a President that looked to You for guidance. Thank you God, for Your protection on this nation. May it always be under You. Amen.

Last night, the girls and I were making banana bread. Avery said, "Mom, I know who our new President is...Barack Obama." Then, McKenna said, "And I know who the president of our house is...Daddy!"

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Brenda said...

Hi, Michelle....I just love catching up on you and your family. The girls make me laugh at the things they say...and Avery saying that Kevin is president of your family...GREAT...but you need to tell her that behind every great man...is MOM!!! She could be president someday too!!! If I remember right...she's the one that walked in on Kevin holding Presley and saying..."Did Mommy say you could hold the baby?" I really lost it on that one...she is going to be the one to keep you on your toes...and everyone else laughing!!! All your girls are so precious...and I'm really enjoying your site.
lol...as Chris calls me...aunt b