Thursday, January 22, 2009

KU Day for the Osborns

So, we left the house at 6:31am yesterday for Lawrence. Everyone traveled well. Praise God for dramamine. Got to KU campus a little after 9. The girls and I dropped Kevin off at his building, then we went to find Bath and Body works. I had this coupon and really wanted to use it. We/I got really lost. Finally made it back to KU. Went to parking garage to park and feed Presley. Then, the girls and I headed to the Museum. It was pretty cool.We found out that KU isn't really stroller friendly. I carried the stroller up those steps and into the museum. Then I was informed that we came in on the 4th floor and the wheelchair access is on the 3rd floor. Whatever.

Here is a real working bee hive. There is a tunnel where the bees can get outside the building. Here is a picture Avery drew after we got home of the bears we saw. How do you explain taxidermy for a 3 and 5 year-old? Anyway, we had a good time. I wish Kevin could've gone with us to the museum. He would have like it, too.

He passed his proposal and is in full-blown dissertation mode now. That's great news. We celebrated be eating at Culvers. Then Kevin took me to use the coupon. Then we found a park so Kevin and the girls could play and I could feed Presley. Then we went to the LVS offices. Then back to Wichita, with a pit stop in Benton. Back home at 5:07pm. We had a great day.

Tried to shoo the girls to bed so we could watch LOST. I forgot how tense that show is. I tried to lay in bed and watch but had to sit up b/c I was so stressed out! Can't wait til next week.

This morning, in the midst of laundry and cleaning, we did school and focused on the Bible story of Joseph. We are going to see the dress rehearsal of Friends' production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tonight. I'm so excited. Kevin and I were both in Joseph... at Friends 15 years ago when they did it. Brings back lots of good memories.

We're heading outside to spend as much time bike-riding as possible. Looks like today will be our last good weather day.

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Gerri said...

Probably not a good memory, but remember that was the production when during dress rehearsal Rachel borrowed your car to go to Subway and someone tried to rob her--actually hit her in the mouth(?) or face and did steal both your purses and your bag with some of your clothes. She had to visit with the police while she was in some costume from the play.