Friday, January 9, 2009

Mark's home

Found out this morning that Mark, the guy I've been praying for for the last month went Home last night. I don't know this guy, he's a complete stranger. Yet, I feel such a loss. I feel so bad for his wife, my heart is aching for her today. It's such a weird feeling.
My parents got a call in the middle of the night last night about another death. The mother-in-law of my uncle. She's been fighting cancer for 2 years and passed away Wednesday night. A friend from church had a post earlier this week about funeral songs. A few years ago, my dad did a sermon on how to plan your own funeral. My plan is written in my bible, just fyi.
Another dear friend's husband lost his job this week. I can't imagine her life right now. She's such a strong woman, yet she's had one thing after another go "wrong" in the last year or so.
It's been a strange week, trying to process these events. They don't affect me, but I feel sad, none the less.
On a much lighter note, I'm looking forward to this weekend. We plan to go swimming at the Y tonight when Kevin gets home. Saturday the girls have a b-day party to go to, Kevin will get some much needed time to himself to work on his dissertation, then we may have a date night tommorow night. Hopefully, it will include a meal at Bella Luna or Olive Garden! Then, we are going to budget for 2009. Why talk finances during date night? Because we won't have 3 kids begging for our attention and we can have a thought-provoking conversation at a decent hour. I don't think clearly past 9pm. Sunday should be fun, too. Church and nothing else. Always makes for a good day, don't you think?

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