Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodnight Kansas

I'm almost glad Kansas day is over. It's been a long day. I just love this picture of my 4 year-old. Here is McKenna trying to pass the time until dessert!
Kansas Multi-media Art project. If you can see-it's all info about our state -bird, flower, insect, song, amphibian, etc...

We didn't get the Kansas flag made. But, Avery colored the middle section-

The sunflower cake! I stole this idea from someone else. one layer of chocolate cake with frosting and sunflower kernels. Twinkies are the petals. Avery and Kenna said they've never had twinkies before. At first, I felt a little sad. What kid doesn't like twinkies? Then I went to the store and paid for them. $4!!!!!! for one box!!!!!! They won't have twinkies again until next Kansas day!
I hope you all had a great Kansas day. And if you don't live in Kansas, well...

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marla said...

I think they've had twinkies @ my house before! maybe I told them to never mention it to anyone ever again.