Sunday, January 25, 2009

McKenna Grace is 4

This is how the day started for Abby. Today is McKenna's 4th birthday. She woke up way early to a house full of streamers and Happy Birthday signs. Here is Abby amid the excitement.
She opened her presents first thing. Here are the girls playing with McKenna's present from her Texas cousins. Beach Barbie...

McKenna's meals for the day-Breakfast was Bubble loaf. Lunch was Wendy's. Tonight is Red Beans !
And yes, she wore the tiara to church and got MANY compliments. Our church celebrated a birthday today also, so she had quite the party this morning. Inflatables and all...

After church, we went to Walmart and McKenna picked out a brand new bike. She's so excited and it's crazy cold out today. She rode it for about 30 seconds, then decided it was too cold.

McKenna is such a delight. She loves life and is the cutest 4 year-old I've ever seen. She keeps us on our toes and she is going to change the world someday. She was a miracle baby and continues to surprise us every day. Happy Birthday, McKenna. We love you!

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